Larson Gray Project Management 8th Edition (2024)

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An essential resource for Project Management courses

Explore what the updated 8th edition can offer you and your learners

Project Management: The Managerial Process, 8th Edition

Erik Larson and Clifford Gray
ISBN: 9781260570434

Project Management, 8e provides a holistic and realistic approach to Project Management that combines the human aspect and culture of an organization with the tools and methods used. It covers concepts and skills used to propose, plan secure resources, budget and lead project teams to successful completion of projects.

This text is not only focused on how the management process works, but also on why it works. The 8th edition was written for a broad range of audiences including project managers, students, analysts and Project Management Institute Members preparing for certification exams.

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Larson Gray Project Management 8th Edition (2)

What's new

Structure to support understanding

The text includes a number of features designed to reinforce understanding, including Learning Objectives which are introduced at the start of each chapter and revisited at the end, and between one and five cases in every chapter to bring learning to life.

Updated and Aligned Content

Content has been reviewed and revised based on the latest edition of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) so you can be confident you and your learners are utilizing the most current and up-to-date information

Exercises to Apply Knowledge

Many discussion questions, Snapshots from Practice, exercises and cases have been updated, all of which are designed to bolster student engagement and independent learning.

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  • Table of Contents
  • Edition Changes
  • Sample Chapter
Ch. 1 Modern Project ManagementCh. 14 Project Closure
Ch. 2 Organization Strategy and Project SelectionCh. 15 Agile Project Management
Ch. 3 Organization: Structure and CultureCh. 16 International Projects
Ch. 4 Defining the Project
Ch. 5 Estimating Project Times and Costs APPENDIX
Ch. 8 Scheduling Resources and Costs1 Solutions to Selected Exercises
Ch. 9 Reducing Project Duration2 Two Computer Project Exercises
Ch. 10 Being an Effective Project Manager
Ch. 12 Outsourcing: Managing Interorganizational RelationsGlossary
Project Management Equations
Cross Reference of Project Management
Socio-Technical Approach to Project Management
  • Chapter 1: The Investment Environment - This chapter now addresses Fintech and cryptocurrency.
  • Chapter 2: Asset Classes and Financial Instruments - The material on the LIBOR scandal and proposed replacements for the LIBOR rate that may be implemented in the next few years has been updated.
  • Chapter 3: How Securities Are Traded - Updated for developments in market microstructure, including the replacement of specialists by designated market makers.
  • Chapter 5: Risk, Return, and the Historical Record - Extensively reorganized and substantially streamlined. The material on interest rates and the discussion of historical evidence on the risk-return relation have both been unified.
  • Chapter 7: Efficient Diversification - The discussion of risk sharing, risk pooling, and time diversification has been extensively rewritten with a greater emphasis on intuition.
  • Chapter 9: The Capital Asset Pricing Model - Added more discussion on extensions to the CAPM, in particular, the implications of labor and other nonfinancial income for the risk return trade-off.
  • Chapter 10: Arbitrage Pricing Theory and Multifactor Models of Risk and Return - The chapter now contains an explicit illustration of the estimation and implementation of a multifactor security market line. It also contains a new section on smart betas.
  • Chapter 11: The Efficient Market Hypothesis - Added more material on recently uncovered market anomalies, for example, related to volatility, accruals, growth, and profitability.
  • Chapter 12: Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis - Updated and expanded the material on the range of behavioral biases that seem to characterize investor decision making.
  • Chapter 13: Empirical Evidence on Security Returns - Added a discussion of the debate concerning characteristics versus factor sensitivities as determinants of expected return.
  • Chapter 24: Portfolio Performance Evaluation - Revamped the derivation and motivation of the M-square and T-square measures, which attempt to restate the Sharpe and Treynor measures in terms

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Larson Gray Project Management 8th Edition (3)

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About the authors

Erik Larson
Erik Larson is a Professor of project management in the department of management, marketing, and international business at the College of Business, Oregon State University, teaching executive, graduate, and undergraduate courses on project management, organizational behaviour, and leadership.

Clifford Gray
Clifford Gray is a Professor emeritus of management at the College of Business, Oregon State University. He teaches undergraduate and graduate project management courses overseas and in the United States and has personally taught more than 100 executive development seminars and workshops.

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Larson Gray Project Management 8th Edition (4)

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Larson Gray Project Management 8th Edition (2024)
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